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Takumi Corporation[edit]

Logo Takumi.png

Takumi Corporation was a Japanese game development company formed after the bankruptcy of Toaplan in 1994. When Toaplan was dissolved, the staffers split off into four companies; CAVE, Raizing, Takumi, and Gazelle. To our knowledge, Takumi is the only company to create direct sequels of Toaplan IPs, such as Twin Cobra II.

Takumi games are typically known for their very high bullet counts, bullet manipulation mechanics (such as reflecting and absorbing bullets), and multiplier-based scoring systems that result in astronomically high scores. The Giga Wing series, in particular, can achieve scores up to the quintillions!

Shooting games developed by Takumi[edit]
Game Year
Twin Cobra II (Kyukyoku Tiger II) 1995
Giga Wing 1999
Giga Wing 2 2000
Mars Matrix 2000
Giga Wing Generations 2004