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! Player !! Ship !! data-sort-type=number | Score !! Area !! Link !! Date  
! Player !! Ship !! data-sort-type=number | Score !! Area !! Link !! Date  
! Pearl
|  MiG-29A || 3210220 || 2-ALL || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbcNPUw3akw&t=1263s YouTube] || 2022 November 15th  
|  MiG-29A || 3210220 || 2-ALL || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbcNPUw3akw&t=1263s YouTube] || 2022 November 15th  

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Developer: Storm Blade
Release date: December 31 1996

Storm Blade is a shmup by Visco in December 31 1996 for Arcades. The game is commonly known as the unofficial Sonic Wings 4 by many STG fans.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire the main shot and the bomb.


  • Button A: Shot
  • Button B: Bomb


Scoring consists of destroying as many enemies as possible. After clearing a stage, the score is increased by the shoot down count, bomb stocks left, thus forming the mission bonus.


The game has 6 stages in 2 loops. There`s barely any difference of enemy firing density between both loops.

The RNG element can mix up the order of the 3 starting stages.


Rank is not completetly understood properly, but when the player reaches MAX rank, suicide bullets will come out, which can happen in 2nd loop.

Characters and planes

  • Lucky and F-14D Tomcat (America):

A character that has a wide frontal shot coverage. His bomber can summon a barrage of missiles.

  • Alex and MiG-29A (China):

Has narrow frontal laser shots and side laser beams. His bomber can fire a big laser blast.

  • Camel and AV-8B Harrier II (England):

Fires widespread shots and homing missiles. Her bomber can summon energy balls that surround her.

  • Kamikaze and Zero Fighter (Japan):

Fires a 3 way shot and has auto aimed side shots. His bomber can summon assist planes as protection method.


Power-up: Increases shot power.
Bomb: Adds an extra bomb.
1UP: Awards an extend. This item only appears once in Stage 1-5.


  • The game has a similar bullet speed formula like Video System and Psikyo.

Replay Index

Replays from players
Player Ship Score Area Link Date
Pearl MiG-29A 3210220 2-ALL YouTube 2022 November 15th