Star Hunter DX

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Developer: 1CC Games
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide
Release date: August 5 2021 (PC/STEAM, Nintendo Switch), August 25 2021 (PS4), August 26 2021 (XBOX Series X/S)

Space Moth Lunar Edition is a shmup by 1CC Games and published by Chorus Worldwide Games in November 18 2021 for PC/STEAM, Nintendo Switch, then for PS4 August 25 2021 and later for XBOX Series X/S in August 26 2021.

The game is majorly inspired in other shmups like Progear no Arashi, P-47 Aces, Operation Ragnarok, E.D.F., Area 88, etc.

Gameplay Overview

The player can use the rapid shot, laser and bomb. Destroying enemies will release blue cubes, which fill up the Bullet Time circle. Bullet Time consists of enhancing weapon power, slowing down time, display enemy HP bars and get gold cubes from cancelled bullets. While having some Bullet Time left on the Bullet Time circle, it can be deactivated. Rescuing astronauts will also fill up the Bullet Time circle. Bombs stock start at 3 (which is the max Bomb capacity). To recover bombs, you must graze enough until filling the Bomb charge gauge.


Scoring consists of increasing the multiplier with the rapid shot, and collecting gold cubes with Bullet Time. The multiplier affects the gold cube values, and to fill up the multiplier, the player must attack enemies with the rapid shot or graze bullets. Multiplier reaches up to x8.00.

After clearing a stage, the score is increased by average multiplier, gold bonus, astronaut bonus, graze bonus, live bonus and boss bonus.


Each difficulty variates the enemy firing density, as well the score requirement for spawning 1UP items.

  • Space Cadet: Casual difficulty. 1UP items spawn every 3000000 pts.
  • Bounty Hunter: Original difficulty. 1UP items spawn every 6000000 pts.
  • Bullet Hell: Expert difficulty. 1UP items spawn every 9000000 pts.

Characters and ships

  • Luna and Hawk DX-7:
-Rapid: Wide
Power: ***
Speed: ****
Power: ***
Speed: **
Basic character that has good wide rapid coverage and deals decent damage with the laser.
  • CAT-99 and CV1000-D:
-Rapid: Hunter
Power: *****
Speed: **
Power: *
Speed: ****
Character that has a strong rapid shot with slow movement, while it`s laser attack is weak with fast movement.
  • Edgar and Jamma:
-Rapid: Forward
Power: *
Speed: *****
Power: *****
Speed: *
Character that has a weak rapid shot with slow movement, while it`s laser attack is strong with slow movement.


Blue cube: Fills up the Bullet Time circle.
Gold cube: Grants extra points depending on multiplier. They spawn from cancelled bullets by killing enemies with Bullet Time.
Astronaut: Upon collecting, they can greatly fill the Bullet Time circle
1UP: Grants an extra life. They spawn after filling up the Extend charge gauge.

Moolah`s hidden escape pod phase

In order to trigger Moolah`s escape pod, the player must destroy all the white parts of the ship while in Bullet Time.


  • The game is highly insired in Progear no Arashi.
  • CAT-99`s ship name CV1000-D is a refence to CAVE`s CV1000-D arcade hardware.
  • There`s an explosion sound that comes from ChoRenSha 68K.

Replay Index

Replays from players
Player Difficulty Character Score Area Port and version Link Date
Kanzaki Shintarou Bullet Hell Edgar 51651898 ALL PC Ver. 2.00 YouTube 2022 February 11th
JulianSeph 842 Gamez Space Cadet Luna 23481124 ALL PC Ver. 2.00 YouTube 2023 November 17th