STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -

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STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -

Game title screen

Developer: TRIS-GRAM
Program: TRIS-GRAM
Release date: Release Date

STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -

STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity - released in 2012 by Feathered Ether. The game has undergone changes since the release of its demo in addition to a number of update updates. The current version 1.22D was released in 2013. The game features 2 characters each with a easy to learn type and a complex type. There are six difficult modes. Unique to the game is the ability to rank up in a run making patterns harder and adding suicide bullets.

Gameplay Overview

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Controls are distinguished by type. Controls can be remapped. This description uses the default keyboard controls.

Type-C Controls

  • Z: Fire
  • Space: Bomb
  • X (Tap): Discharge
  • X (Hold): Accelerated Hyper
  • F: Slowed movement button

Type-S Controls

  • Z: Fire
  • Space: Bomb
  • Space (Hold): Bomb Hyper
  • Assault: Toggles Assault, double tap to toggle auto-assault. Auto Assault is on by Default
  • A(Tap): Delayed Shift
  • A(Hold): Ethereal Shift
  • C: Blade.
  • F: Slowed movement button

Unlockable Secrets

This game has a shop and multiple TLBs based on rank.

Type-S Explanation

Stellavanity Type-S.png

  • 1: Delayed Shift Gauge. Require at least 50% to activate and will turn blue when you can activate it.
  • 2: Two gauges integral to scoring. The upper pink gauge increasing during Delayed Shift. The more it is filled up the more valuable cancelled gems will be. The lower green guage is the overkill combo. A higher number means you will score higher and it decreases with time.
  • 3: Lives
  • 4: Bombs
  • 5: Ethereal Shift Gauge, Requires at least 50% to activate and will turn yellow when you can activate it.
  • 6 Blade Gauge.
  • 7: The Characters stats
  • 8+9+10: Aspect of the UI that displayed additional information about the run. Can be bought in the shop.

Type-S has a wide variety of tools to survive and score. You have your standard fire and focus fire. Two additional weapons are assault and blade.

Assault targets medium or large and then fire a homing shot on these enemies. Auto-assault is on by default, any enemy you fire at will get target by assault until it dies.

Blade is a short range melee attack. Pressing the button multiple times will be trigger a blade combo, this goes up to level 3. Large enemies and bosses at low hp can be raided. Raid by pressing the blade button and then your character will teleport in front of the enemy and execute a level 3 blade combo.

Type-S has 2 different shifts or hyper. All shifts can be cancelled at any point

Delayed Shift (kakusei). This shift spawns more enemies, slows all bullets on the screen and enemies start firing more bullets. Killing any enemy converts their bullets into gems.

A Counter shift is an aspect to the Delayed Shift. During any stage you absorb bullets charging up the Counter Shift and increasing its level. When Delayed shift runs out or is cancelled release an energy burst doing damage and clearing bullets in an area around the player. Damage and area increases with Counter Shift level. During boss fight the Counter Shift charges up whilst in Delayed Shift and will always clear the entire screen of bullets.

Ethereal Shift powers up the blade and the assault. Assault never stops firing and cannot be turned off during this shift. The blade gauge will also be filled up allowing the player to spam the blade. During Ethereal Shift a lot more enemies will spawn. These enemies spawn from an independent wave based on how long you've been in Ethereal Shift.


Medium or Large enemies enter this an 'overkilled' state if there hp is reduced to 0 with either Assault or Blade attacks, during this state they do not fire bullet. Doing damage whilst enemies are the overkill state increases shift gauges and is central to the scoring system.

The played can start overkilling bosses if they reduce their HP whilst they are in Ethereal Shift. Boss patterns become more difficult the more the boss gets damaged. The boss phase continues in Ethereal Shift the player take a hit or your ethereal shift runs out. There is no long-term consequence to taking a hit, the player losses lose no autobombs or lives. Furthermore, the game does not register this as a hit for calculating TLB and rank requirements.


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Development History

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