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== References & Contributors ==
== References & Contributors ==
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* Official PressKits:
* This template page was assembled by [[User:CHA-STG|CHA-STG]] and [[User:Plasmo|Plasmo]].</small>
** http://com8com1.com/press/sheet.php?p=rigid_force_alpha
** https://www.dropbox.com/sh/98nlvrzpnds830s/AADZcbBquOll6a4xZPvbns2Ca?dl=0
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMKmQUX8H3A Bullet Heaven #306: Rigid Force Ultimate Review]
* [[User:Hook|Hook]]’s own analysis
[[Category:Horizontal orientation]]
[[Category:Horizontal orientation]]

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The ship’s movement is full analogue if used with analogue sticks. Using D-pad is also a possibility

On Nintendo Switch:

  • B: main (and side) weapon
  • Y (hold): charge shot
  • ZR / X: attract Energy Orbs & slow down ship
  • A: Bullet Blade
  • L: cycle Force Shards formation towards back
  • R: cycle Force Shards formation towards the front

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Characters / Ships / Styles

You pilot the titular Rigid Force Alpha ship, there are no alternative characters, ships or styles to start as.

The hitbox seems to be roughly the (yellow) cockpit of the ship.


Apart from you default pea shooter, the rest of the armanents have to be picked up in the form of weapon capsules.

The main weapon capules are eliptic in shape.

On Easy difficulty, if you lose a life, the Force Shard and sub-weapon items respawn, so you can pick them up again. On the higher difficulties (only on Hard?) your ship reverts back to the pea shooter without any power ups.

Main weapons & Force Shards

Apart from the basic pea shooter, you can pick up the following weapon capsules to change your main weapon. Picking up again a capsule that corresponds to the same type you have already equipped will not upgrade the weapon though.

  • Laser (blue) – straight, powerful shot
  • Rebound (green) – bounces off surfaces and top and bottom screen edges
  • Spread shot (orange) – spreads projectiles in a wider angle

The main weapon can be upgraded by collecting the Force Shards, of which you can carry maximum 4. The more Force Shards you carry, the more additional fire power your main weapon fires. They have the same affect on either the picked-up weapons or the stock pea shooter.

The Force Shards can be set in four different formations:

  • all gathered in one ball in front of your ship
  • arching above and below you, facing forward
  • arching above and below you, facing backward
  • all gathered in one ball behind your ship

The arching formations provide for wider coverage, while the ball-shaped formation provides for a more concentrated power. In any case the ship will continue firing the main weapon forward at its basic power level, even if all the Force Shards are firing backwards.

In addition, the Force Shards act as a shield and even damage enemies on touch, so their positioning is key to the gameplay.

The charged shot is a more powerful and modified version of the main weapon equipped, and consumes the energy collected through Energy orbs.

Side weapons

The side weapons fire automatically when your main weapon fires. As with the main weapon, there are three types of weapon capsules that change the side weapon. But here, picking up another capsule of the same type will upgrade your side weapon (to max level 2).

???(if you change to a different one, do you need to upgrade it again, or do you retain the tier)???

The side weapon capsules are round in shape.

  • Homing missles (orange) – targets nearby enemies (lvl 1: one missle, lvl 2: two missles)
  • Seeker missles (green) – missles launch vertically and when they line up with an enemy horizontally, they turn 90° towards it (lvl 1: two missles firing up, lvl 2: two missles firing up, two missles firing down) Great for enemies on a vertical-only path, near useless for enemies that move up and down a lot.
  • Ground misslies (blue) – carpet bomb (lvl 1: five bombs, lvl 2: ten bombs)

Bullet blade

The Bullet blade is a melee attack that spins a sword around the ship, cancelling all bullets it touches. It consums a considerable amount of energy collected through Energy orbs.


This section describes any and all collectibles that you acquire in the game. An example being any Power Up items or Medals from Battle Garegga. Include secret items such as extra lives as well.


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Development History

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Version Differences

There are two versions of Rigid Force – the 2018 original for PC and the 2020 console remake.

The main difference is in the game engine and the visual detail. The gameplay (apart from some re-ballancing) and modes remain the same in both versions though.

Rigid Force Alpha


  • picked up Force Shards form in equidistant position
  • better graphics, but difficult to read UI/HUD

Rigid Force Redux

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One (2020)
  • Publisher: Com8Com1, Headup, Chorus Worldwide
  • Engine: Unity engine



  • picked-up Force Shards gather at right angle
  • improved UI/HUD, slightly weaker graphical detail, assuring 60 FPS on all consoles
  • more responsive control
  • new voice-over for PSYE, improved portraits
  • some re-ballancing of enemy hit points, scoring, and boss battles


  • Cool facts and random tidbits go here!


See (Template Page)/Gallery for our collection of images and scans for the game.

Video References

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References & Contributors