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[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VevpzMSGXzM ]
[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VevpzMSGXzM ]
* One of the enemies the Last Boss and True Last Boss summons is a square-ish turret with side handles. This specific enemy does not fire bullets on its own. Instead, it will react to the player's attacks. Using the shot or the shield on this enemy will make it continuously fire counter bullets. However, slashing it with the sword is perfectly fine, and the enemy will remain harmless in this situation.
* One of the enemies the last boss and TLB can summon is a square-ish turret with side handles. This specific enemy does not fire bullets on its own. Instead, it will react to the player's attacks. Using the shot or the shield on this enemy will make it continuously fire counter bullets. However, slashing it with the sword is perfectly fine, and the enemy will remain harmless in this situation.
[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJfH3cuZ9dY ]
[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJfH3cuZ9dY ]
Line 450: Line 450:
[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH_2qeCk0uQ ]
[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH_2qeCk0uQ ]
== References ==
== References ==

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Radirgy - Title Screen.png

Title screen

Developer: Milestone
Music: Kou Hayashi, Daisuke Nagata
Release date: Arcade
JP : October 2005 [1]
JP : 16 February 2006 [2]
JP : 25 May 2006 [3]
US : Cancelled
JP: 25 May 2006[4]
Milestone Shooting Collection 1 (Wii)
JP : 10 April 2008 [5]
KO : 19 December 2008 [6]
US : 23 January 2009[7]
Milestone Shooting Collection 2 (Wii)
JP : 30 December 2012 [8]
Sakura Flamingo Archives (X360)
JP: 27, Nov 2014[9]
Previous game: Chaos Field
Next game: Karous

Radirgy ( ラジルギ ), also known as Radio Allergy, is a vertical shmup from 2005 developed by Milestone and is the company's first foray into the cel-shaded style that will define their shmups' visual identity from that point onward.

Unlike their previous game Chaos Field which was focused on a series of boss battles, Radirgy's design is mostly influenced by older caravan shmups with dynamic enemy wave spawning and fast enemy destruction, albeit with more modern enemy bullet counts and patterns. On top of this foundation, Radirgy adds a focus on regularly using invincibility in order to tear through enemies and boost a score multiplier.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay overview

Basic info

  • Vertical orientation, and vertical screen
  • 1 player only
  • 8-direction movement and 3 buttons
  • The player starts with 3 lives
  • Default extends are at 8 and 20 million points
  • No loops. A full run lasts around 30 minutes


  • A (Hold): Shoot
  • B (Hold): Slash
  • C : Activate the ABS Net and become temporarily invincible. Requires a gauge to be full
  • Not holding A nor B : Deploy a shield

Note : Preemptively holding the C button in order to instantly activate the ABS Net as soon as it becomes available will not work in this game. Half-C presses will not be registered. Activating the ABS Net requires a fresh C press after it becomes ready.


Radirgy - Interface.png

  • Top left green radio reception signal : Score multiplier indicator
  • Top left horizontal green gauge : Score multiplier gauge
  • Top left battery : Player HP
  • Top right big white number : Player score
  • Top right small white numbers : Score bonuses (is hidden by default, requires a special input to be displayed. Refer to the Unlockable Secrets section for more details)
  • Bottom left blue gauge : ABS Net gauge
  • Top right red gauge : (Mid)boss HP. Only appears during (mid)boss fights

Unlockable Secrets

Display additional score information

When playing the game, it is possible to activate an additional text display on the top right of the screen that will appear whenever an enemy is killed or a point item is collected.

When killing an enemy or collecting a floating point item, this scoring indicator shows the base point value, the current multiplier, and the final value. When collecting a ground item, it will also show the total number of ground items collected up until that point. The multiplier will always be 1 for those specific items, so the base and final values will be identical.

Depending on the version and port, the method to display the indicator differs :

  • Arcade : Press Start while holding C
  • GC : Press Z
  • DC : Press Start while holding X
  • Wii : Press Start while holding X
  • PS2 :Press Select

Mecha configuration

Before starting each run, the player can mix-and-match two parameters for the mecha :

  • Shot type. 3 different shots types are available : Wide shot, 123 laser, Bubble shot. More details in (weapons)
  • Speed. 3 speeds can be chosen from, each being assigned a number of stars to denote the speed level :
    • Slow Radirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.png
    • Normal Radirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.png
    • Fast Radirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.pngRadirgy - Speed star.png

The mecha color will reflect which one of the 9 combinations is used. Once chosen, the combination of shot type and speed cannot be switched during the run, even when using a Continue.

Radirgy - Mecha color schemes.png

Life system

The player starts with 3 lives, each represented by a green rectangle inside the battery in the HUD.

Radirgy - Battery - 3HP.png

The mecha can freely move over enemies as there is no collision damage in this game. However, it will lose a life when its brown backpack hits a bullet, a laser, or a flame.

If the player collects an extend while the battery is already at the maximum, the battery will increase in size to accommodate the new life. If the battery has been previously partially emptied due to prior damage, then the extend will only refill one unit of the current battery. The battery can go up to 5 units in size, which can be reached with the two score extends.

Radirgy - Battery - 4HP.png Radirgy - Battery - 5HP.png

One noticeable influence of this mechanic is on a late-game item that can fully refill the life battery. (refer to Scoring->ground item and Milestone logo for more details) If the battery was at its default size of 3, the player is guaranteed to have 3 lives after collecting it, but a battery size of 4 or 5 could increase the life refill potential of this item even more. This can allow the player to tackle the last section of the game with more resources if they collected extends before losing any lives and thus increased the amount of life slots in their battery.

There is no point bonus for remaining lives nor for battery size through the game. Losing a life does not inflict any scoring nor power penalty, and it spawns several point items around the player as well as an ABS Net recharge item in order to assist with recovery.


Shot : Holding the shot button will make the player mecha continuously fire. There are three different shot types the player is asked to choose from before starting a run :

Shot type icon Description
Radirgy - Wide shot - icon.png Wide shot : A standard wide shot with medium power and a large range.
Radirgy - 123 laser - icon.png 123 Laser : A powerful laser with a narrower range. The twin lasers in the center of the attack are piercing, while the lasers on the side will lock on to enemies they hit and keep damaging it until it's destroyed, leaves the screen, or gets too far away from the player.
Radirgy - Bubble shot - icon.png Bubble shot : A more unconventional weapon that mixes multiple types of bubbles. The big middle bubbles will travel upwards and slow down whenever they touch an enemy, inflicting continuous damage while they overlap. The side bubbles move diagonally upwards and then explode.

It is also possible to use an external rapid-fire for this shot type in order to increase the frequency at which bubbles are fired, potentially increasing the overall player DPS. [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQhni4mPlCk ]

Sword : The mecha is equipped with a sword. Its range is much more limited than the shot, but it can inflict powerful damage on the enemies it hits. While holding the dedicated button, the mecha will keep swinging the sword, with very short cooldowns between two swings.

Power-up system : The shot starts at a default power level, and its range and power can be increased 6 times by collecting dedicated items from specific containers.

When taking a hit, or when using a Continue, no power-down penalty is incurred. If the shot and sword are used at the same time, the shot width is reduced.

Shield : When the player doesn't shoot nor slash for a second, the mecha will deploy a shield in front of it. The shield will cancel bullets that touch it (but not flames nor lasers). If the player directly touches an enemy with the shield, said enemy will receive continuous contact damage from it.

ABS Net : A disc-shaped force field that surrounds the player mecha and temporarily makes it invincible.

Activating the ABS Net requires the ABS Net gauge to be full. When the ABS Net is active, it will cancel the bullets and auto-collect the items inside its radius. Enemies that come into contact with the ABS Net will also receive damage, albeit only a very minor amount.

At the end of the ABS Net's duration, two things will happen : A full screen bullet cancel will occur, and every on-screen item will be auto-collected. The player also remains invincible for 3 seconds after the ABSNet ends.

The ABS Net gauge is immediately emptied when an ABS Net is activated, but said gauge can be recharged even when the ABS Net is currently active. This means it is possible to chain multiple ABS Net uses one after the other, provided that it is fully recharged in time.

Hazard types

Hazards in this game can be classified into 4 different categories, depending notably on the possible ways to cancel them.

Bullet Type Can damage the player? Can be canceled with shot or sword? Can be canceled by shield? Can be canceled by ABSNet?
Solid bullets : Most of the bullet types in the game belong to this category. Those are usually round (but wave-shaped blue bullets also count) and will inflict damage on the player when a collision occurs. Y N Y Y
Destructible bullets : Some bullets have square/diamond-ish shapes and can be destroyed. Shooting or slashing them will indeed cancel them. If those bullets are erased with the sword, they will be turned into blue pills. If the shot was used instead, no pill will be generated. Y Y Y Y
Harmless bullets : This rare category of bullets mostly pertains to the stage 2 boss, which has specific parts that shoot leaves and various sports balls. These behave just like destructible bullets, however touching them will not hurt the mecha. N Y Y Y
Non-cancellable hazards : A few bosses can fire flames or lasers. While these can not hurt the mecha as long as the ABSNet is active, they will not be erased either in such a situation. N N N N


Radirgy features many item types which can all help the player in a way or another.

Depending on the item type, the method to spawn them will be different. The most common scenario is the regular point item that spawns when killing every enemy in a wave or hitting big enemies in specific spots. Some will appear when destroying specific item carriers, while others require the use of item juggling. Once spawned, items will slowly fall off the screen until they are interacted with or leave the playfield. Transitioning from a level to another will also not migrate the onscreen items to the next stage, and as such, any leftover uncollected item will be discarded.

The game has a juggling mechanic that allows the player to keep some item types on screen by hitting them with the sword. This pushes the item upwards and also has a chance to randomly change it into another item. Items that change due to juggling can only mutate into one of the other item types that can also be juggled.

Item Description Behavior when slashed
Radirgy - Power up item.png Power up : Spawns from item carriers. Increases the power and width of the shot (and sword?) Collected
Radirgy - Shield autodeployment item.png Temporary automatic shield : Spawns from item carriers once the mecha is full powered. Brings up the shield in front of the player mech even if it's currently shooting. This effect lasts for a few seconds. Once this item's effect wears off, the shield will be automatically retracted, even if the player isn't actually using their weapons. In this case, the mecha can redeploy the shield as usual, but only after it has retracted it and waited the usual shield deployment duration. [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNr0jOS8Kr8 ] Collected
Radirgy - 1UP item.png 1UP : Spawns at the top of the screen when the extends thresholds are reached. This item also has a 0.8% chance of spawning from an item carrier. [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tDRyGrUGVU ] Collected
Radirgy - ABS Net recharge item.png ABS Net recharge : Fully recharges the ABS Net gauge when collected. Whenever the player is hit, this item will always spawn among the released items, but it can be juggled into something else Juggled
Radirgy - Point item small.pngRadirgy - Point item.png Point item (small and big) : Item that spawns when fully killing an enemy wave or destroying one of a big enemy's weakspots. The item starts out small and has a base value of 500 points when collected in this state. The most likely item this can transform into when juggled is its bigger variant, worth 3000 points instead Juggled
Radirgy - Multiplier increase item.png Multiplier boost : Fills 25% of the multiplier gauge (or 12.5% in Manpuku mode), boosting the current multiplier to the next possible value Juggled
Radirgy - Bullet Converter item.png Bullet converter : Rare item that transforms every single on-screen bullet into a small point item when picked up. Lasers are not converted into items Juggled
Radirgy - Ground point item.png Floor objects : Square items left by destroyed ground structures. There are 255 items in the game and their value increases the more of them you collect (see scoring-> ground items and milestone logo) Nothing
Radirgy - Milestone logo.png Sakura Flamingo Archives - Sakura Logo.png Milestone/Sakura logo : Special logo that can be triggered once in stage 5 under specific circumstances (see scoring-> ground items and milestone logo). When uncovered, it will grant a 1 million point bonus (which can be multiplied). When picked up, it can refill the player's HP bar and provide additional bonus points (more details in Scoring->Milestone logo)

This item appears as a Sakura logo in Sakura Flamingo Archives. In all other versions, it will be a Milestone logo.


Additionally, the following pill items are automatically collected. Instead of moving towards the player mecha, they will directly rush towards the respective gauges they fill.

Item Description
Radirgy - Pill blue.png Blue pill : Increases the ABS Net gauge. Blue pills are spawned when killing enemies, inflicting damage on larger enemies and destroying their weak spots. Canceling destroyable bullets with the sword will also generate blue pills. When hitting enemies or destroyable bullets specifically with the sword, more blue pills will be spawned.

Blue pills can come in different sizes too. The bigger the pill, the more recharge it will provide to the jauge.

Bigger pills will be spawned when an entire enemy formation is destroyed

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeoeWDdo7Hw ]

Radirgy - Pill green.png Green pill : Increases the multiplier gauge. Green pills are spawned when canceling bullets with the ABS Net and the shield. Additionally, contact damage inflicted on enemies by touching them with the shield will also generate green pills. The rate at which this contact damage pill generation occurs is faster if an ABS Net is also active at the same time. [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGifhAUWHo ]


Radirgy's scoring was designed with heavy inspiration from caravan shmup scoring[10] and its focus on quickly killing enemy waves. The scoring system also adds several layers of complexity with its multiplier, gauges and item management.

Enemy wave quick-killing

Caravan shmups traditionally feature a dynamic wave spawning system in which an enemy wave being fully destroyed or leaving the screen is what will trigger the next wave's spawn. Radirgy also follows this system, with the additional twist that several sets of enemy waves are simultaneously active and independent from one another, instead of a single set like it usually is the case.

Typically, stages in Radirgy have one set of large enemies, where killing the current on-screen large enemies will spawn the next ones, and several sets of small enemy waves. Since focusing on one enemy wave can come at the cost of the other waves, juggling the destruction of all the enemy waves on screen is one important aspect of the scoring.

The first three bosses in the game will also feature waves of small enemies that fight alongside them. Just like their non-boss variants, they are worth points and can be quick-killed during the boss fight to spawn more enemies, recharge the ABSNet faster, and generate point items.


Radirgy features a multiplier system. The vast majority of points the player can earn are subject to a multiplier that goes from x1 to x16, in increments of powers of 2. This means the multiplier goes from x1 to x2 to x4 to x8 and then x16. Ground items are one of the few things that aren't affected by the multiplier, but other enemy kills or point item collections can have their value multiplied.

The multiplier is set to x1 at the beginning of each stage, and the multiplier gauge will be empty. Whenever the player collects green pills, the multiplier gauge will fill. When the gauge reaches specific thresholds inside this gauge, the multiplier will increase. The radio signal strength indicator in the HUD will also change to reflect the current multiplier.

Killed enemies will also leave a colored multiplier indicator where they were on the playfield, letting the player know the score multiplier obtained for each without necessarily having to look at the HUD.

Value Antenna receiver Multiplier visual
x1 Radirgy - Reception x1.png
x2 Radirgy - Reception x2.png Radirgy - x2 multiplier.png
x4 Radirgy - Reception x4.png Radirgy - x4 multiplier.png
x8 Radirgy - Reception x8.png Radirgy - x8 multiplier.png
x16 Radirgy - Reception x16.png Radirgy - x16 multiplier.png

When not being fed green pills, the gauge will gradually decrease over time. The player thus has to regularly generate green pills at a high enough rate to prevent the multiplier loss. The story dialogues that occur before and after (mid)bosses will freeze the multiplier decrease but will still let it increase.

Losing a life will not impact the multiplier nor incur any direct scoring penalty.

Big enemies weak spots

In order to more easily ensure enemy wave quick-killing and multiplier increase, routinely using the ABSNet is essential, either to provide the invincibility that makes it safer to move across the screen and kill waves quickly, or to generate green pills by canceling bullets.

In both cases, the efficiency of pill collection can be optimized by targeting bigger enemies' weak spots. These spots can provide green pills when the shield or ABS Net is used on top of them, blue pills when the sword is used on them, and a small point item when destroyed. In some cases, destroying a weak spot can also prevent the enemy from shooting some bullets. A destroyed weak spot will emit white smoke clouds.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WUYTwWLsSc ]

Enemy waves and bosses in the game are air-based. However, there are also ground turrets that the player can destroy. Whenever one of those are destroyed, a blue square-shaped item with a picture inside will appear in its place. Collecting it will give the player some additional points.

Most of these turrets are fixed ground objects that simply move alongside the scrolling, but the stage 5 trains also count as such even if they move on their own. Each of their cabins is considered as a turret and will give a floor item when destroyed.

There are 255 turrets like this in the game, and thus 255 icons. The point value for each item collected depends on the total number of items that have already been collected. The formula for ground items' value is as follows :

Point value = n * {20+10*(n-1)} / 2

Where n is the total number of items collected. The ground items' point value is unaffected by the regular multiplier.

Radirgy - Milestone logo.png

If the player collects 250 ground items or more, a Milestone logo can be collected in stage 5. If the player only collects 249 items or less, said logo will not appear. [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DysH96lZYFQ ]

In order to uncover the logo, the player has to shoot a hidden spot on the ground in the second half of the stage. It is located between the two train tracks when they split and go their own ways. The secret spot is only vulnerable to shots so letting go of the sword when attacking it will uncover it much faster.

Uncovering the Milestone logo grants a 1 million point bonus, and this value can be affected by the multiplier for a maximum of 16 million points.

The logo itself is considered as the 256th ground item. Grabbing said logo afterwards is a separate action from uncovering it. When collected, the logo can perform different actions depending on the current battery size and the number of lives the player currently has :

  • If the player has a battery size of 5 and all their lives intact, the ground item will provide additional points compared to the expected value.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zW6wu3wNV0 ]

  • If the player has a battery size of 3 or 4 and all their lives intact, the battery size will increase by one unit and the ground item will provide points following the same formula as the other ground items.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAts65TVgo8 ]

  • If the player doesn't have all their lives intact, then the item will refill the player's life battery and provide points following the same formula as the other ground items.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO1Yr-ADChY ]

Bullet conversion

Radirgy - Bullet Converter item.png

This advanced strategy exploits the bullet converter item in order to change bullet-heavy sections into lucrative sources of points. When picking up this item, every bullet on screen gets changed into a small point item, and these items can also be juggled in order to change one or several of them into another bullet converter item, thus perpetuating the cycle of converting enemy bullets into point items.

This strategy can provide a noticeable amount of points, especially against bosses and midbosses with heavier bullet patterns. On the other hand, there are several reasons why the strategy in general is advanced and risky :

  • The bullet converter item's random chance of spawning when slashing an item is very low, thus requiring good luck to trigger one. Having access to more items on screen at the same time can boost the chance to have a converter item spawn, though the odds are still low. Besides, bullet converters are one-time-use items, which means a new one needs to be spawned for every single conversion.
  • During extended uses of the conversion trick (such as during boss fights), using the ABS Net causes all the spawned items to be collected, which ends the bullet conversion streak. This means the player will have to avoid using the ABS Net through this scoring trick and dodge bullets that would have been canceled by an ABS Net activation otherwise. As a side-effect, the player will have to regularly spawn and collect multiplier-increasing items to maintain a high multiplier and maximize the value of the point items that this scoring trick will generate.
  • Under some circumstances, having too many items on screen at once can even result in the game freezing or crashing [VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjoA49A6yFY ]

Additional game modes

All of the ports of the game feature a standard Arcade Mode. On top of that, some of the ports provide one of the additional modes : Manpuku and Owakari. These port-exclusive modes feature similar enemy waves and bosses but provide some tweaks to the mechanics.

In both modes, the two extends from Arcade Mode are not available. However, the Milestone logo can still be triggered and will refill the player's battery.

Another shared change is that a remixed version of the soundtrack will play instead of the Arcade OST.


Available on : GC

Manpuku mode's main change is that the multiplier is no longer capped to x16. It instead goes up to x256, once again in powers of 2, from x2 to x4 to x8 to x16 to x32 to x64 to x128 and then x256.

In order to reflect this new cap, the radio signal strength logo can turn red when the multiplier reaches values that are exclusive to this mode.

Value Antenna receiver Multiplier visual
x32 Radirgy - Reception x32.png Radirgy - x32 multiplier.png
x64 Radirgy - Reception x64.png Radirgy - x64 multiplier.png
x128 Radirgy - Reception x128.png Radirgy - x128 multiplier.png
x256 Radirgy - Reception x256.png Radirgy - x256 multiplier.png


Available on : PS2

Owakari Mode boosts the general difficulty of the game by increasing the speed at which enemy bullets are fired. Some enemies will also replace the bullets they usually fire by bigger ones.

Misc tips and info

  • Before starting a run, the player will be given the option to display story dialogues or completely disable them. If the story dialogues are enabled, the player can either let them play out or can press buttons to go through them faster. These will occur at the beginning of each stage, and before each (mid)boss.

One quirk of this feature is that if the story segments are disabled entirely, some of the bonus enemies that spawn once the midbosses are quick-killed will also get disabled. And since story dialogue popups freeze the multiplier gauge's decrease, the multiplier will instead keep falling with less or no enemies in sight to recharge it. The regular enemy spawns in the later half of the stage that do not require a midboss quick-kill are unaffected by this oversight and will properly appear eventually.

Some ports provide a stage select feature in which story segments can't be enabled. In that scenario, the bonus enemies will also be disabled, with no way to trigger them.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3I6XT4TrlA ]

  • Bosses from stage 1 to 4 have an antenna on top of them. Destroying the antenna will cause all boss parts to be destroyed at once.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdOLJ63bKJU ]

  • Most enemies in the game can be damaged with the shot, sword, shield and ABSNet. When taking damage, they will flash in red. However, if an enemy flashes in yellow, this means it is actually immune to anything but sword attacks. Enemies with this behavior are relatively rare but they exist and will force the player to get closer in order to dispatch them.

This immunity to non-sword attacks can also be a temporary one. This is the case for example with the panel-like enemy that can spawn from stage 3 onwards which can eventually be defeated with the shot after enough time has passed.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VevpzMSGXzM ]

  • One of the enemies the last boss and TLB can summon is a square-ish turret with side handles. This specific enemy does not fire bullets on its own. Instead, it will react to the player's attacks. Using the shot or the shield on this enemy will make it continuously fire counter bullets. However, slashing it with the sword is perfectly fine, and the enemy will remain harmless in this situation.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJfH3cuZ9dY ]

  • Before starting a run, a "How to play" segment is shown to the player. If left unskipped, it will explain general game mechanics. Under unknown circumstances and in some ports of the game (such as the GC version), the mecha movement can be vertically desynced at a specific part of the tutorial, and it will later take unintended damage during this sequence. While the score gained in the tutorial is properly reset afterwards, this life loss will actually be carried over to the player's actual run.

[VIDEO SHOWCASE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH_2qeCk0uQ ]



Record scores

Refer to https://shmups.wiki/library/STG_Hall_of_Records/R#Radirgy



Refer to https://shmups.wiki/library/Radirgy/Video_Index

List of superplay materials

Refer to https://shmups.wiki/library/List_of_superplay_materials#Milestone

Story and characters

[Taken from Milestone Shooting Collection Wii's US localization]

A time when the world was full of personal electronic equipment and electric waves, many suffered allergy-like symptoms.

A company was carrying out important research developping a medecine to counter this allergy when suddenly the building was occupied by terrorists.

The father of Shizuru happened to be there that day working on the project! Shizuru, with the aid of her friend Aita, decided to fight the terrorists in order to save the secret work of the project and rescue her father!

Radirgy - Shizuru portrait.jpg
Kamigu Shizuru

A 16 year old 10th grade girl from the Tokyo area. Like many, she suffers from and worries about the allergy caused by electrical waves. Her family is made up of her father (age 45), mother (age 43), older sister (age 19), and younger brother (age 14).

"Ahh today as well, my eyes are very itchy...... Aaaaachooo! Is there nothing available to relieve this suffering?"

Radirgy - Tadayo portrait.jpg
Aita Tadayo

Friend of Shizuru's from school. She is good with computers and other electronic goods. She is always pushing her eye glasses up with her index finger. Her family is different than Shizuru's and they don't know about her so well.

"Protection against the worm is strong. Maybe it tries a different path....Mr Biko can handle it! I want to drink a café au lait!"

Radirgy - Ruki portrait.jpg
Mishima Ruki

The leader of the terrorist group called "UMBRA". She never smiles and is very calm. Something happened to her past that turned her towards a life of terrorism. She dresses like a boy and wears a trademark white "dreadhead". Even mebmers of the group avoid contact with her..

"It all started from very small beginnings. The world, myself, everyone, the end... But Mama, I have not made a mistake in my work. It is not understood..."


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