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Hello, and welcome to the digital library known as the Shmups Wiki!

This is a community-centered wiki, assigned with the task of finding, verifying, and archiving information about various games in the shoot-em-up category of games.

We exist to help encourage the growth of the shooting game community, and to help make it easier to get into the genre. We exist as an answer to the question, "Where do I go to learn more about this game (and/or how to play it)?"

Our aim is to be the ultimate compendium of shmup information, officially verified by highly competent players and researchers in the community! As an open source project, everyone is free to contribute!

As a long-term goal and a declaration of the intent of -- this wiki will eventually contain accurate information about every shooting game made by every developer, no matter how obscure!

But for now, let's take it slow...

►►► List of shooting games (updated September 24, 2020!) ◄◄◄

►►► Check out the STG Hall of Records for an overview of all World Record scores in arcade shmups! ◄◄◄

►►► Check out our Glossary of terms commonly used in the shoot-em-up community! ◄◄◄

►►► Interested in contributing a game or page entry? Please see our template to get an idea of page structure! ◄◄◄

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