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Hibachi (first named such in DoDonPachi, DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm, and DoDonPachi DaiOuJou; Supreme Killing Weapon, Hibachi in DFK, also known as Element Doll Extra Z-001 "Hina" in SDOJ) is the True Last Boss in the DonPachi series, and is most often represented by a flaming bee that is much smaller than the other bosses in the game. Hibachi is contained within the body of (depending on the game) Kouryuu or Taisabachi, and destroying that container will free them from their slumber and unleash hell upon the player.

Hibachi's first appearance as a TLB was in DoDonPachi, as the final challenge for players waiting at the end of the second loop of the game, and has appeared in every DonPachi game since then, with different requirements in each in order to reach them.


Hibachi is fought after defeating The Final Demonic Weapon[1] (aka Kouryuu/Hachi) in the second loop. In order to access the second loop in question, the player must complete one of the following requirements:

  • Lose a ship two times or less
  • Achieve one of the following maximum HIT counts:
    • 270 hits (Type-A)
    • 300 hits (Type-B)
    • 330 hits (Type-C)
  • Score at least 50,000,000pts by the end of Stage 1-6
  • Collect all 13 hidden bee icons in four stages

Once the player has entered the second loop, they only need to reach the end of the game. The player is allowed to use a continue and still encounter Hibachi at the end.

DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm

If the player manages to get at least 400,000,000 points (can be altered in the game's settings) when Stage 6 is cleared, they will be taken to a hidden 7th stage containing Hibachi. Death, bombs, and continues do not invalidate the requirement.

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou

Just like in DoDonPachi, the player will fight Hibachi after defeating Kouryuu at the end of the second loop. To access the second loop, the player must complete one of the following requirements:

  • Lose a ship two times or less
  • Bomb three times or less
  • Collect the x2 bee icon (acquired by collecting all 10 hidden bee icons in a stage) in at least three stages without dying (NOTE: dying at a boss is OK)
  • Finish the first loop with 350,000,000pts (White Label only)

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.0

In DFK 1.0, the only way to encounter Hibachi in the second loop is to No-Miss No-Bomb the first loop of the game. Unlike the previous games, bee collection is not a requirement.

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.5

In order to face Hibachi in DFK 1.5, you must enter the Ura version of the second loop. Otherwise, you will only face Golden Disaster upon reaching the end of the second loop.

To reach the Ura loop and fight Hibachi in DFK 1.5:

  • Enter the Ura "Hidden" route through Stage 1, and stay on that route
  • Lose a ship once at most
  • Bomb two times or less
  • Collect all 45 hidden bee icons

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver1.51

Ver1.51 of DFK has its Hibachi fight hidden behind Hyper Rank. In order to fight them, you must reach maximum Hyper Rank on two out of the five levels in the game. Deaths, bombs, and bee collection are irrelevant.

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label

DFK BL does not contain a second loop, so simply meeting the requirements will allow you to fight Hibachi upon reaching the end of stage 5 and defeating Golden Disaster.

The requirements are:

  • Lose a ship one time at most
  • Bomb two times or less
  • Destroy all bosses in the game with a maxed-out RED Gauge

Unlike 1.5, it is irrelevant what route you're on; you can play on the Omote route of the game and still reach Hibachi by satisfying the above conditions. Bees are also irrelevant.

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

Hibachi appears as the TLB in SDOJ after destroying Kouryuu. You can fight her by accomplishing the following requirements:

  • Lose a ship once at most
  • Collect all hidden bee icons on any three stages

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label -- Zatsuza

In DFK Black Label, there is an alternative True Last Boss named Zatsuza, who is functionally a palette swap of Hibachi and doesn't seem to have any backstory or other appearances in the series to date, but brings with them significantly more dangerous and challenging bullet patterns. Zatsuza does not seem to have any sort of plot behind them, and is considered by most to be a non-canon encounter.

To face Zatsuza, the player must accomplish the following:

  • Must be playing a Strong Style ship
  • No-Miss the entire game, including when fighting Taisabachi
  • Use two bombs or less (not including when fighting Taisabachi)
  • Defeat all bosses with full RED Gauge (not including when fighting Taisabachi)

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou -- Inbachi

A separate entity from Hina aka "Hibachi", "Inbachi" represents "their other side", and appears only in DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou. Inbachi is a legendarily difficult boss fight created by Tsuneki Ikeda, with no players to date who have defeated it legitimately. They are widely considered to be the hardest CAVE boss ever designed, edging out Queen Larsa from Mushihimesama Futari, and even Shin Hibachi Kai from the Death Label arrange mode of DoDonPachi DaiOuJou.

To face Inbachi, the player must accomplish the following:

  • No-Miss and No-Bomb the entire game
    • Enabling Auto-Bomb itself does not fail the requirements, however using an autobomb does.
  • Collect all hidden bee icons on all stages
  • Reach a Hyper Rank of 30 (Shot & Laser Type) or 15 (Expert Type) before Kouryuu dies
  • Obtain a Maximum Hit Chain of at least 15,000 (Shot & Laser Type) or 10,000 (Expert Type) before Kouryuu dies
    • This is not the same as the HIT Counter; the misconception likely stemmed from these 2 values in high-level play essentially being indistinguishable.


  • DoDonPachi DaiOuJou is the first DonPachi game where Hibachi is given their own TLB theme. In DoDonPachi, Hibachi re-uses the standard boss theme that all bosses use, with the exception of The Final Demonic Weapon, who receives their own theme song. The high-BPM drums and heavily overdriven elements of the theme would find itself to become a staple of the boss fight, with each following game upping the intensity of the TLB theme.
    • However, DonPachi itself a theme for its TLB, Taisabachi. There is also an intermission theme that plays between defeating the last boss, and starting its fight.
  • DOJ's Hibachi fight is the only fight in the series that you cannot defeat using continues, as continues aren't allowed once you reach Stage 2-5. This applies to both White Label and Black Label!
    • If arrange modes are considered, however, this is not true; as the aforementioned Shin Hibachi Kai cannot be defeated with continues either. This is because of Death Label outright removing them.
  • In DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, Hibachi is shown to have the ability to transform between "ship" and "robot" forms, much like the Element Daughters, alluding to her status as an Element Daughter herself. Hibachi transforms into a humanoid shape more reminiscent of the other Element Daughters when using her final attack.
    • In SDOJ, this sequence is inverted: they start as a humanoid, before shifting into a bee.
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