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Logo eschatos.png


Cover Art (Steam / Nintendo Switch / PS4)

Developer: Qute
Music: Yousuke Yasui
Program: M-KAI
Art: Hiroshi-iro-enpitu, Kunio Jyoduka
Release date: 2011
Previous game: Judgement Silversword/Cardinal Sins
Next game: Ginga Force

Eschatos is a vertical 2.5D shooter, developed by Qute. It features 2D control, with fully rendered 3D objects and backgrounds which occasionally change perspective. It has several modes and difficulty levels. There is a Time Attack mode, Original mode, and Advanced mode. Also, features online leaderboards for each.


While there is no in-game dialogue or exposition, the Steam page offers some clues about the lore:

The year is 21XX. A mysterious alien force, known only as "Purple Erosion", has taken over the Moon! From the captured lunar base, alien UFOs begin their invasion of Earth! Using your advanced space fighter, you must repel the alien invasion, beat them back through space, and finally recapture the Moon to end the alien menace once and for all[1]

Gameplay Overview

Eschatos has three modes :


The Player will be able to switch between 3 shot types: "Frontal Shot", "Wide Shot", and "Shield." Control your ship and defeat enemies that appear in the area. Different shot types cannot be used at the same time. When you lose all lives, then it is game over. Eliminate all the enemies in the area or stay alive for a certain time to move to the next area. Defeat the final boss to complete a game. Choose the most effective shot type for each situation to eliminate the enemies.


ADVANCED mode is based on ORIGINAL, but is more complex with 7 different shot power levels and Bonus Point Items. It's a more challenging mode.

Time Attack

TIME ATTACK mode is based on ORIGINAL mode, except players compete to finish the game in the shortest time. The Player is given a 90 second time limit initially, and keeps extending the time through time bonuses awarded for finishing each area. If time reaches 0, it's game over. When the player loses a life, 5 seconds is deducted as a penalty. The quicker the game is completed, the higher the score on Rankings. If the player does not finish a complete game, players that have survived longer will be listed on the Rankings. Results for TIME ATTACK will not be added to the TOTAL SCORE within the player Report submenu


  • Directional pad, Left stick: Move ship
  • START: Open pause menu
  • A: Frontal Shot. Autofire when held.
  • X: Wide Shot. Autofire when held.
  • A + X (Hold): Shield
  • RT: Shield
  • RB: Change speed

Unlockable Secrets

Option Levels

As you score in Original or Advanced mode, the total of all scores is used to determine your option level. This unlocks several options, up to level 50, which is the maximum level.


Characters / Ships / Styles

There is initially one ship, three other cosmetic variants are unlocked as option level is increased.



  • Frontal Shot - Concentrated fire in front of the ship with long range and fire power.
  • Wide Shot - Fan-shaped spread fire. Short range but wide area.
  • Shield - A defensive weapon that appears at the nose of the ship. It cannot block attacks from the side or the rear. The shield can also damage enemies that come in contact with it. The Shield will gradually deplete the Shield Meter while it is deployed. The Shield Meter will decrease faster when it blocks an enemy bullet, when it's switched off, and when changing speed.

When the Shield Meter is almost empty, the shield will turn red. When the Meter is completely empty, the shield will be turned off and cannot be used for a while. The Shield Meter will replenish with time. Shield Meter will replenish with time.


ADVANCED mode uses a power up system for the shots. Collecting each Power Up Item will upgrade the shots by 1 level each. However, each shot power up will make the shield meter smaller. Shot power can be upgraded to a maximum of level 7. Adjust the amount of power according to the need for shields.

Time Attack

In Time Attack mode, the weapons behave the same as they do in Original Mode.


This section describes any and all collectibles that you acquire in the game. An example being any Power Up items or Medals from Battle Garegga. Include secret items such as extra lives as well.



Scoring is relatively straightforward - each wave of enemies, as well as the bosses have timers that give a bonus once complete. For each wave where all the enemies are completely destroyed, the multiplier increases from one to a maximum of five. Dying will reduce the multiplier, as will failing to destroy an enemy. Using the flash item to accomplish this is possible, as well.


ADVANCED mode uses a similar scoring to Original mode.

Time Attack

In Time Attack mode, there is no score, only the total time used for the game session. Dying removes five seconds from the clock, but there are items that add to the available time. The clock will also stop if you eliminate waves quickly enough.

Impact on Option Levels

Your score in Original and Advanced mode is added to an overall score for the local scoreboard, which is then used to determine the Option level for the game.


See (Template Page)/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.

This section details some particular strategic information about the game and its gameplay, such as hidden 1UPs and some basic scoring tricks. For anything particularly deep or highly complex, you can probably leave it in the Strategy page.

(Currently evaluating whether or not this specific section should even include information outside of the separated Strategy pages. Worth thinking about as a community.)

Version Differences

  • Include information here about differences in a game between various versions. This includes regional differences, patch updates/bugfixes, and the like.


While the sparks when grinding bullets look like they indicate a bullet-grinding mechanic, it is just there for visual flair.


Official Digital Game Manual

Eschatos Game Manual made by Qute Corporation in digital format, bundled with the purchase of the game vía Steam (PC), Nintendo eShop or PSN.

Contains a brief explanation of the Controls and the Game System.

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