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DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou exA Label
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DDP SDOJ exA Label Logo

Developer: exA Arcadia Team AM-2
Music: Manabu Namiki
Program: trap15
Release date: 31 Nov 2020
Next game: Next game in a series

( DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou exA Label )

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It's also important to note when games might contain specific cultural relevance, such as innovating on a new style of game, or excellent/poor critical reception.

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Gameplay Overview

The gameplay overview section starts out with the controls of the game, including all of the buttons used and what they're used for. It's recommended to keep the control layout simple and easy to understand. Feel free to note the directions that the player can move as well, if you wish or if it's notable (horizontal only, 4 way, 8 way, analog, etc). Advanced and strategic ways of manipulating the controls can be included in a following Strategy section, or wherever that information might be the most relevant.


  • A: Shot/Laser
  • B: Bomb/Hyper
  • C: Rapid Shot
  • B: Bomb (exA Label only)


Special names

These codes can be input on the name entry screen for an additional sound effect.

  • SHU
  • HIK
  • MAR
  • HIN
  • HIB
  • INB
  • DDP
  • EXA
  • CAV
  • CAT

Menu codes

Press the below additional buttons when selecting a mode in the menu:

  • Left: switch to original music (exA Label, X Arrange only)
  • Right: switch to arrange music (Original, Inbachi only)
  • B: Activate overflow (Original mode) / Switch B and D buttons (exA Label)
  • C: Disable gadgets
  • D: Shift all gadgets to the bottom (Tate only)

Debug mode

A debug mode is accessible in the game and has been teased by the main developer of the game, trap15. Not much is known about it except that it has to be entered in the test menu.

Characters / Ships / Styles

This section should include the characters or ships, if any, that the player can select in the game. Ideally, different "styles" (for games that use them, such as DoDonPachi) would also be included here.

If there is only one playable character and no elements to augment/customize your ship, this section can be omitted from the page.


This section describes the weapons that you use in the game and elaborates on them further. Stuff like standard shots, focus shots, bombs, weapon pickups that differ in functionality, options, etc. This can be omitted if not relevant to the game in question.


This section describes any and all collectibles that you acquire in the game. An example being any Power Up items or Medals from Battle Garegga. Include secret items such as extra lives as well.


If the game features a relevant rank system, use this section to discuss it in more detail. Otherwise, this can be omitted.


This section should cover a general breakdown of the scoring system of the game. Feel free to put the meat and potatoes here. A great example of a scoring section is the DoDonPachi page.


See (Template Page)/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.

This section details some particular strategic information about the game and its gameplay, such as hidden 1UPs and some basic scoring tricks. For anything particularly deep or highly complex, you can probably leave it in the Strategy page.

(Currently evaluating whether or not this specific section should even include information outside of the separated Strategy pages. Worth thinking about as a community.)


Basic story breakdowns, plot information, and endings are included here.

If there is no story at all, or any information about the setting, then this section can be omitted. Try to include at least small things here when you can.

Development History

If available, you can include information here about the hardware, the development of the game, and its general reception. Try to have as much information in this section cited as possible.

Version Differences

  • Include information here about differences in a game between various versions. This includes regional differences, patch updates/bugfixes, and the like.



A few non-game-breaking bugs are present, mostly related to Freeplay and mode disable.

  • When other modes are disabled, pressing the start button in freeplay during the demonstration will start a credit with 3 lives, even if the default was changed in the test menu.
  • If only exA Label is enabled, pressing left and start on the title menu will disable the music in stage instead of switching to the original soundtrack.


See (Template Page)/Gallery for our collection of images and scans for the game.

Video References

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