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DDP SDOJ exA Label Logo
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou exA Label
DDP SDOJ exA Label Logo.png

DDP SDOJ exA Label Logo

Developer: exA Arcadia Team AM-2
Music: Manabu Namiki
Program: trap15
Release date: 31 Nov 2020
Next game: None yet!

Gameplay Overview


  • A: Shot/Laser
  • B: Bomb/Hyper
  • C: Rapid Shot
  • D: Bomb (exA Label only)


Special names

These codes can be input on the name entry screen for an additional sound effect.

  • CAT
  • CAV
  • DDP
  • EXA
  • HIB
  • HIK
  • HIN
  • INB
  • MAR
  • OPE
  • OTL
  • SAY
  • SHU

Menu codes

Press the below additional buttons when selecting a mode in the menu:

  • Left: switch to original music (exA Label, X Arrange only)
  • Right: switch to arrange music (Original, Inbachi only)
  • B: Activate overflow (Original mode) / Switch B and D buttons (exA Label)
  • C: Disable gadgets
  • D: Shift all gadgets to the bottom (Tate only)

exA Label


  • Grazing charges hyper.
  • Rank increases bullets and bee/bomb/1up cancel duration.
  • Hypers cancel to small stars on activation and big stars on activation resulting in rank >= 100.
  • Cancelling bullets increases hits and gives some points.
  • Star values are multiplied by hit counter.
  • Bombing cancels to big stars on start and then for duration cancels to small stars.

X Arrange

X Arrange is inspired from the Xbox 360 exclusive arrange, with the below notable differences:

  • The HP counter continuously drains during gameplay. It is possible to replenish it by picking up items or destroying bosses.
  • Slowdown is based on exA Label.

HP Counter

The HP counter continuously drains at an estimated rate of 20 HP / second. It is halved during boss fights to 10 HP / second.

The following actions affect the counter:

  • Destroying a boss: +1000
  • Destroying a midboss: +800
  • Picking up the 8th bee in a stage: +500
  • Destroying a boss part: +400
  • Picking up a bee item: +200
  • Picking up a big star during hyper: +7
  • Picking up a small star during hyper: +3
  • Picking up a big star outside of hyper: +1
  • Manual bomb: -1200
  • Autobomb: -2000



A few non-game-breaking bugs are present, mostly related to Freeplay and mode disable.

  • When other modes are disabled, pressing the start button in freeplay during the demonstration will start a credit with 3 lives, even if the default was changed in the test menu.
  • If only exA Label is enabled, pressing left and start on the title menu will disable the music in stage instead of switching to the original soundtrack.

References & Contributors

  • VxD: Initial bring up, secrets