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Normal Game


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
yc532724 13,145,532 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube
Emuser 8,108,489 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Kanzaki 4,050,258 PS4 ALL Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
PAL 15,302,103 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube Japanese text commentary
Qlex 13,420,782 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube English commentary
Qlex 13,340,099 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube SGDQ 2023 w/ M.Knight & Softdrink (English) commentary
YES 12,315,725 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Qlex 12,313,897 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube French commentary
Qlex 10,204,471 PS4 ALL Youtube Stunfest 2023 w/ M.Knight & Yami (French) commentary
Qlex 9,463,510 PS4 ALL TwitchFR EN Shoot the Baguette 4 (2022) w/ M.Knight & Yami or Jaimers & Meriscan commentary
Qlex 8,998,222 PS4 ALL Youtube English commentary
Qlex 8,493,160 PS4 ALL Youtube Run Them'all 2022 w/ ChaChamaxx & player (French) commentary
Qlex 7,982,552 PS4 ALL Twitch
Golden 7,346,589 Arcade ALL Twitch Pass The Shmup Duo w/ Rezardi & player (English) commentary
Clover-YMN 7,291,095 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube Bombs TLB
Golden 6,338,453 PS4 5 Twitch RGLtv Shmuptember 2023 w/ player (English) commentary


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
Lethe 14,015,992 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Lethe 13,474,822 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Lethe 12,193,544 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
SELDIA 11,286,998 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube Japanese tutorial
Jaimers 10,727,590 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
GOTYO 7,978,306 Arcade ALL Youtube
noloom 6,559,401 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
PEG 6,420,896 Arcade ALL Youtube
忠太郎 5,585,138 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube Bombs TLB
Aquas 5,142,878 Arcade ALL Twitch
morsalty 4,846,179 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Kanzaki 4,061,258 PS4 TLB ALL Youtube Bombs TLB
BOS 3,648,329 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube High Level #21, commentary by BOS & James (French)
COS 2,970,216 Arcade ALL Youtube
square_air 2,917,641 Arcade ALL Youtube
Oringiri 2,070,158 Arcade ALL Youtube
ElAvionDePapel 1,811,954 Arcade ALL Youtube
ちっそそそ 1,468,088 PS4 ALL Twitch
Hachimiya 1,389,530 PS4 ALL Youtube
Pearl 1,302,858 Arcade ALL Youtube
morsalty 922,180 PS4 ALL Youtube
Chinopolis 709,577 PS4 ALL Youtube
Vludi 596,180 Arcade ALL Youtube
Squire Grooktook 579,940 Arcade ALL Twitch
hazylevels 564,142 PS4 ALL Youtube English commentary
Buffi 488,880 Arcade ALL Youtube
Hardcore Tanoshii 479,741 Arcade ALL Youtube
wabbylegs 465,060 Arcade ALL Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
Jaimers 11,978,808 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Jaimers 9,287,458 Arcade ALL YoutubeFR EN Stunfest 2015 w/ Radigo & Yami or Aquas & Softdrink commentary
CRI 7,637,525 PS4 ALL Youtube
M.Knight 6,799,534 Arcade ALL Youtube


Player Score Platform Stage Video Comment
Clover-YMN 14,628,521 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
A.K.上越 14,587,173 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
Bamd 14,249,364 Arcade TLB ALL Youtube
SELDIA 10,937,608 PS4 TLB ALL Twitch
Fulla Lizards 9,587,172 Arcade ALL Youtube
SELDIA 6,315,107 PS4 ALL Twitch RTA in Japan Summer 2022 w/ Rokukichi & tein_gauntret commentary
Rokukichi 4,111,565 Arcade ALL Youtube

Time Attack

Player Score Ship Platform Video Comment
KDK-Takeyuki 2,519,461 Uotaro Arcade Youtube
IZ 2,233,130 C-Bomb Arcade Youtube
Icarus 2,210,459 C-Bomb Arcade Youtube
XUR 2,190,745 Uotaro Arcade Youtube
OmKol 1,815,088 Uotaro Arcade Twitch
Sawys 1,798,839 Uotaro Arcade Youtube
M.Knight 1,765,239 Uotaro Arcade Youtube
Lunaria 1,569,056 Uotaro Arcade Youtube
mahlemut 1,075,138 Uotaro Arcade Twitch

Fever Arrange

Player Score Ship Stage Video Comment
Pearl 53,316,344 B-Bomb ALL Youtube
Icarus 42,072,789 B-Roll ALL Youtube
しげしげ 36,479,641 B-Bomb ALL Youtube
clippa 31,232,523 B-Lock ALL Youtube
gameoverDude189 26,788,499 B-Roll ALL Youtube
JulianSeph 842 Gamez 14,026,960 C-Lock ALL Youtube
Murphy 12,736,375 B-Bomb ALL Youtube
MechaOtaku 10,657,316 B-Lock ALL Youtube
BOS 10,291,637 B-Roll ALL Youtube
CloudyMusic 9,563,346 B-Bomb ALL Twitch
gamezon_twitch 9,489,987 B-Roll ALL Twitch
Ishmokin 9,266,390 B-Bomb ALL Youtube
Aktane 9,249,825 B-Lock ALL Youtube
Sidewalk1986 9,051,101 C-Lock ALL Youtube
zoydo 8,084,721 B-Lock ALL Youtube
Jimmy San 8,081,533 B-Roll ALL Youtube
Scowsh 6,800,469 B-Roll ALL Youtube
Jonathan Fralick 6,631,678 B-Lock ALL Youtube


Player Video Comment
Kanzaki Youtube Stage 3 Boss glitch
Kanzaki Youtube Explanation of Stage 3 wave despawn (JP)