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Developer: Team Overloaded & Tyler Howard (Someguy009)
Release date: 2020 (itch.io)

Crisis Rose ~ Blaster Gear 2 (クライシスローズ・ブラスターギア2) is a shmup by Team Overloaded and Tyler Howard (Someguy009) made in GameMaker Studio. The game takes place after the events of Blaster Gear.

The game is purchasable in Team Overloaded`s itch.io and GameJolt pages.

This game supports 2 players for co-op mode.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

Similar to Blaster Gear, the player kills enemies to get level up items. In this case, instead of chips, gems are the items that will level up the player`s weapons. Leveling up the weapons will also increase the ship`s level. Compared to the weapon change system in Blaster Gear, the player can change between the four weapons (Vulcan, Laser, Missile, Wide) at any time. Each weapon is leveled up individualy. The weapons can reach up to lvl. 25.

The game also has an energy system, which works in 2 ways. The 1st function is auto-shield in which if there`s an energy bar available, it will grant the player some protection. The energy bas consumed for auto-shield variates on the difficulty chosen. the 2nd function of the energy system deploying SP attacks, which can cancel bullets for gold gems, and when killing enemies with the SP attack, white gems will spawn, which can increase faster a weapon`s level.


  • Z key/A button: Shot
  • X key/B button: Change weaponry
  • C key/X button: SP attack


Scoring consists of collecting gems.

When clearing a stage, score bonuses are awarded depending how much percent is the hit rate, how high is the weapon levels of each one and how much time was left when a boss is defeated.

When clearing the game, the remaining lives will and chosen difficulty will add up to the final bonus and sum the bonus to the final score.


  • Arcade: The standard game mode, which is the story of the game. It offers Common, Critial and Crisis difficulties.
  • Time Attack: A caravan styled mode, where the player tries to destroy as much within the timer.


  • Vulcan:

A weapon that rapidly fires a sequence of wide shots, as well from the back. It`s SP attack is a tiltable laser stream.

  • Laser:

A weapon that fires forward laser shots. It`s essential for heavy enemies. It`s SP attack is a mega-laser.

  • Missile:

A weapon that fires napalm missiles that fly fast and they also fire from the sides. It`s SP weapon releases round explosions.

  • Waves:

A weapon that fires waves that target any enemy. It`s SP weapon fires a stream of giant shots that will follow enemies.


Yellow gem: These gems appear when destroying enemies and canceling bulllets with the SP attack. It increases the weapon`s Level gauge.
White gem: These gems appear when destroying enemies with the SP attack. It increases the weapon`s Level gauge faster.

True Last Boss / TLB

In order to trigger Crisis Gear (the TLB), the player must make the ship`s level reach lvl. 100 before beating Master Gear Divine.


Ever since the defeat of the oracle, the two fighters ascended into celestial beings.

Their ascension caused a phenomenon causing humans to praise them as deities.

As an apology, the oracle's daughter sent a gift known as Gearnium, a metal containing evolutionary powers, in order to befriend the humans.

However, this metal was a parasite, which enslaved human minds, and eventually caused them to 'Ascend'.

Those who followed these deities became monsters. Those who refused were murdered.

A majority of the human race serves these deities. Those who followed them were known as the enlightened.

Now, in a last ditch effort, rebellious humans refined a piece of Gearnium to contain the same traits as the legendary Blaster Gear.

The Rose Gear was built, and only two were made before the enlightened invaded the underground colony.

The sigil is set. Your fate is bound. The Crisis Rose has now bloomed.


  • During it`s development, the game was initially known as Blaster Gear 2 ~ Crisis Gear (ブラスターギア2・クライシスギア), and it´s early difficulty modes were Plain, Average, Special and Tragic. The name Crisis Gear was later used for the TLB in it´s final version release.
  • The BGM that Volt Gear Divine uses is the theme of Master Gear, the 1st TLB of Blaster Gear.
  • Another BGM that Blaster Gear Divine uses is the theme of ZeroDevil and judgemenT hearT from Blaster Gear.
  • During the Crisis Gear 1st form fight, the assist ships are Final Gear, the 2nd TLB of Blaster Gear
  • Stage 6 basically resembles Stage 1 from Blaster Gear, as well Lockkeep Ruby, which is based on Lockkeep Golem from Blaster Gear.