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Bullet Hell Monday
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Title screen

Developer: Masayuki Ito
Release date: October 3rd, 2016 (Mobile), Late 2022 (PC/Steam)
Previous game: .Decluster (Dot Decluster)
Next game: Bullet Hell Monday Black

"Why don't we play a bullet hell shooter? I made it for you who think bullet hell shooters are hard." - Masayuki Ito

Bullet Hell Monday, as the name implies, is a bullet hell style shmup game that aims to appeal to both hardcore players, and newcomers to the genre alike. Developed by [Masayuki Ito] and released on October 3rd, 2016 on the Android Play Store, it has since garnered great success, with over 500,000 downloads, and a 4.7/5 star rating of roughly 15,000 reviews. The game is developed in the Unity Engine.

The game is a fairly straightforward bullet hell/danmaku style STG, however one of its most defining features is its Chapter select design. Instead of the common handful of stages played sequentially, the player is initially tasked with completing missions to progress through the game by completing specific objectives. Additionally, the game has a total of 9 unique ships to play as (2 unlocked by default) and focuses on rewarding the player with AP points from completing levels in order to spend on unlocking and upgrading ships.

Most of these mission objectives, referred to as Bonuses by the game, are achieved by clearing levels with under certain conditions. Conditions can range from as simple as clearing a level without taking damage, clearing it with a certain score or multiplier, defeating a certain number of enemies, beating a level within a certain time limit, and so on. Some objectives are hidden from the player until they are completed, adding a bit of a puzzle and exploration elements to the gameplay. Additionally, the game keeps track of how many bonuses were cleared, showing a completion percentage for each chapter.

Other modes such as Challenge and Extra are unlocked by progressing through the game, and offer more challenges for dedicated players, as well as online leaderboards via the Play Store.

On May 24th, 2022, Masayuki Ito announced on their Twitter page that a PC/Steam port of the game would be releasing sometime later that year, and on August 12th, 2022, the beta Playtest for the PC port was opened.

Gameplay Overview

Controls (Mobile)

  • Touch/Mouse/Arrowkeys: Move (and Shoot)
  • Touch/Z: Shot
  • Bomb/X:Bomb
  • Switch/C: Switch Shot Type
  • Left Shift (PC Only): Low-Speed Movement

As the game is designed for mobile devices, the game has a very simple control scheme. Shooting is automatic whenever you are touching the screen, and you move your ship by sliding along the screen. The game supports a wide range of customizable options, allowing one to tailor their control scheme to their liking. For example, the Bomb and Switch actions can be changed from a 2 Finger Tap, Button, or Double Tap control scheme, with options for adjusting sensitivity of ship movement, double tap inputs, and button placement on the screen as well.

Additionally, the PC port was designed with multiple control schemes in mind. The controls are fully customizable, as well as offering more options than the original. The ability to play with Mous, Keyboard, Controller, or any combination of such are all supported simultaneously in gameplay. This allows for much more freedom of movement and control of the player's ship than most other shmups, and opens up the ability for advanced strategies to develop from these combinations of gameplay control styles (for example, using Mouse controls for fast quick movement across the screen, while using digital Keyboard input for careful and planned movement without using shot during dense patterns)

Unlockable Secrets

Challenge and Extra Modes

Two modes named Challenge and Extra can be unlocked by progressing through the game. Challenge mode offers a gameplay style more akin to traditional arcade shmups with 5 sequential levels to be played for a high score. Extra Mode actually has two distinct sub-type modes: Endless and Accel.

Endless 1 and 2 are endless modes, where the game increases in difficulty, with the goal being to survive the longest, and score the highest. Accel 1 and 2 are similar to Endless, however the difference is that the game speed increases over time along with difficulty. Like Endless, the goal is to survive the longest, and score the highest. In both modes, the player can select the starting difficulty/speed of the game before beginning. Setting the difficulty higher will increase the amount of multiplier gained from enemies, but at the expense of the bullet patterns being more difficult (or playing at a faster game speed in Accel).

Music Box

A Music Box option can be unlocked in the Shop once certain conditions are met (Clearing Chapter 510 Template:Unconfirmed?) The Music Box costs 200AP, and when unlocked, will add a new option on the main menu, indicated by a music note. Tapping the new option will then bring up a screen where you can unlock every soundtrack in the game for various AP costs. Once a track is unlocked, it can be listened to at any time from this menu.

Characters / Ships / Styles

There are 9 unique Ship Types in the game, with 2 unlocked at the beginning (Laser and Wide shot type). Each type can be upgraded in exchange for AP points in various ways from Level 1 to Level 10. Such upgrades include a stronger main shot, adding additional options, stronger bombs, a larger bomb stock, and an Item Auto-collect feature.

The 9 Ship Types are as follows:

  • Laser: A ship with a powerful narrow shot (Unlocked by default)
  • Wide: A ship with a weaker wide-spread shot (Unlocked by default)
  • Phantom: A ship that can place a decoy of itself to misdirect bullets while dealing powerful damage
  • Homing: A ship with powerful missiles that home in on enemies
  • Shielding: A ship that can shield itself from damage
  • Time: A ship with a a shot that will lock-on and destroy enemies after a short delay
  • Search: A ship with a shot that can sway form side to side, with options that will aim towards enemies.
  • Lock-On: A ship with a shot that will lock-on directly to nearby enemies
  • Blade: A ship with a powerful short range shot, and a sweeping blade that turns bullets into items.

Each Ship Type also has a unique bomb as well, themed after its shot type.

The player is able to equip 2 different Ship Types at a time, and switch between them freely at any time when in a level.


This section describes the weapons that you use in the game and elaborates on them further. Stuff like standard shots, focus shots, bombs, weapon pickups that differ in functionality, options, etc. This can be omitted if not relevant to the game in question.


Items are geometric shapes dropped by enemies when defeated, or when converted to from cancelled bullets. Items act as the primary source of score in the game. Their value is affected by the current score Multiplier,

  • Small Items are worth a small amount of score. They are pentagon shaped
  • Large items are worth a larger amount of score. They are hexagon shaped

Items can be collected by moving into them with your ship, by using a bomb, or by using the Auto-Collect function when unlocked on an upgraded ship.

Bomb Items can also occasionally be rewarded by fulfilling certain conditions, such as destroying specific enemies, defeating a boss phase, or reaching a certain multiplier/item threshold in the Challenge and Extra Modes. These are indicated by a large box appearing with an audio cue. Once the box is destroyed, the player can collect it in the same manner as score items.


While the game does not have a traditional Rank system, the Extra Modes do to an extent, as the better and longer you play in Endless or Accel mode, the more difficult the game will become, either by increasing bullet pattern difficulty, or increasing the overall game speed.

In normal Chapter stages and Challenge Mode, there is no Rank system.


Scoring in Bullet Hell Monday is relatively straightforward. Destroying enemies and collecting as many items as possible increases your score. However, score gained from these sources is affected by the Multiplier.

The Multiplier is a percentage number on the top of the screen that increases as you destroy enemies and obstacles. Destroying an enemy quickly will reward the maximum amount of Multiplier from them, with the multiplier gain decreasing the longer the enemy is on screen. Destroying enemies with a Bomb rewards double the amount of multiplier from them, however as the player has a limited supply of resources, strategic bomb use is required to maximize your scoring potential.

While Chapter Mode does not have a focus on scoring, the Challenge and Extra Modes are designed with high scoring in mind, reinforced by those scores being tracked on the Google Play leaderboards. Score is still important in Chapter mode however, both in order to achieve certain bonus requirements, as well your best scores being tracked on the result screens and in stage select in detail.


See (Template Page)/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.


PC/Steam Playtest:

  • Challenge 1: 10 Million, then every 20 Million


  • Challenge All: Every 20,000,000
  • Extra Endless 1: Every 500% Multiplier
  • Extra Accel 1: Every N Items (Depends on game speed, starts at ~1000 items at 1.00x-1.10 speed)

(WIP) General strategy for the game is simply increasing your Multiplier as high as possible through defeating enemies quickly, using all resources available to double multiplier gain from defeated enemies, and collecting as many score Items as one is able to before the end of a stage. This is easier said than done, and discovering optimal bomb usage is necessary to reach the highest scores. Besides that, survival is generally the best way to increase your score, as surviving longer means more multiplier and items gained from defeated enemies, which means more score regardless of play. On some stages, specific enemies will drop Bomb Items for the player to pick up and replenish their bomb supply. Knowing when these occur and under what conditions is key to both scoring and survival play. In many cases, defeating a phase of the orb boss will commonly drop a spare bomb item in many stages of the game. Some other large ships and obstacles will also drop bomb items when destroyed.

For Challenge mode, The above applies, but routing your resource usage to gain the maximum amount of score from each stage is even more important. Particularly when attempting an All Stage clear, which requires the player to clear all 5 challenge stages in a row without life or bomb refills in between, similar to a traditional arcade shmup experience. An extend, or extra life, is gained every 20 million points when playing through the Challenge All Stage. This can be critical to high scoring routes as an extra life gives 3 more bombs to use to help build Multiplier and convert bullets into score items.

For the Extra Modes, survival is the most important in acquiring a high score. As the modes continue endlessly, scoring potential is much higher (theoretically infinite). Because the levels do not end, focusing on pure survival is ideal, as again, surviving longer means more opportunity to gain more score and higher multiplier.

Additionally, Extra Modes offer 1 continue by exchanging AP, or by watching an ad, which does not invalidate or reset your score. As such, players only seeking to achieve a high score should make use of this option on particularly good attempts of the modes. For those interested in a more pure "1cc" style challenge alongside scoring however, this can be ignored to simply go tot he result screen with whatever score was obtained. Challenge Mode does not allow the player to use a continue however once defeated.

An important thing to note is that there are separate leaderboards for not using the Shield Ship Type. If you do not select the Shield type, your score will be updated to both leaderboards, with respective ranking for each. It should be noted that the in-game leaderboard icon will display your ranking for the overall leaderboard, regardless of if Shield was used or not in that playthrough.

This section details some particular strategic information about the game and its gameplay, such as hidden 1UPs and some basic scoring tricks. For anything particularly deep or highly complex, you can probably leave it in the Strategy page.

(Currently evaluating whether or not this specific section should even include information outside of the separated Strategy pages. Worth thinking about as a community.)


While Bullet Hell Monday on its own did not contain a story at all really, as of the release of Bullet Hell Monday Black, and Bullet Hell Monday Finale, the story of the game has been expanded upon slightly, but left vague and open to interpretation.

The following interpretation is subjective, however it can be interpreted that the goal of the player in this game is to power up their ship, and learn to battle against bullet hell patterns. Thematically, this fits with the game being intended to introduce newcomers to the shmup genre, while still having a challenge in the mission bonuses and unlockable extra modes as the player improves. From here, the story continues either in Bullet Hell Monday Black or Finale. As Bullet Hell Monday Black has a True Final Boss, with an ending that appears more conclusive (in addition to the Stage Subtitles in both games hinting at a story), It can be thought of as the games going in the following order chronologically for the story: BHMB1, BHM Finale, BHM Black. This is also loosely supported due to the increasing of overall game difficulty being roughly in that order, as well as Bullet Hell Monday Black being intended for the most hardcore fans of shmups and the series, stated often both in game and on the store page (which recommends playing Bullet Hell Monday before Black if it is too difficult for the player.) Additionally, BHMB offers the player the maximum amount of special abilities alongside their main weapons, that being all 6 at the same time (when they were first introduced), while Finale allows only 4 at a time, with the original Bullet Hell Monday having no special abilities at all. The theme of powering up your ship is supported in that way, as your ship increases in power alongside your skill as a player.

The story represented in this way, even if very sparse, can be a good metaphor to the core concept of the game, that being introducing newcomers to the shmup genre with a game that they can enjoy without needing a high level of skill to play, and eventually growing into being a much more skilled player that enjoys the shmup genre as a whole. Of course, this is still all subjective and speculation, as a story is only vaguely hinted at in the game directly. Masaykui Ito has not confirmed any interpretations of a story for the game, or if there even is one at all.

In a way, the story is the player's personal journey through the game, and with the shmup genre in general.

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  • The Bullet Hell Monday Playtest for the PC/Steam version was opened on August 12th, 2022. In this version most modes are locked, only the Tutorial and Challenge 1 being available. Additionally, all ship types were unlocked at max level for the player. The intent was to test the stability of the game, particularly concerning general gameplay, replays, and the leaderboard.

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References: Masayuki Ito's Twitter: https://twitter.com/dot_decluster Masayuki Ito's Youtube https://www.youtube.com/masayukiito

US Google Android Play Store Page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msykit.Stg1u&gl=US

PC/Steam port announcement: https://twitter.com/dot_decluster/status/1529041828447928320 Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2003660/Bullet_Hell_Monday/

Contributors: Xeirla Also special thanks to the players who have posted gameplay footage and guides on Youtube, as well as Masayuki Ito as the developer of the game, as well as publicly uploading the OST to be listened to freely as well! ~Xeirla