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* One of the bosses of Trial 3 Ranger Null and ZeroDevil are a spoof of System Erasure`s ZeroRanger.
* One of the bosses of Trial 3 Ranger Null and ZeroDevil are a spoof of System Erasure`s ZeroRanger.
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[[Category:True Last Boss]]
[[Category:Independent/Doujin shooting games]]

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Developer: Team Overloaded & Tyler Howard (Someguy009)
Release date: March 10, 2019 (itch.io)

Blaster Gear (ブラスターギア) is a shmup by Team Overloaded and Tyler Howard (Someguy009) made in GameMaker Studio.

For replay videos, visit the Video Index.

Gameplay Overview

The player can fire front and backwards. Collecting chips will increase the Level gauge. When reaching 10 levels, the weapon will enhance. Upon reaching Level 20, the weapon will be at MAX power. The player can fire the SP weapon, which can cancel bullets and release gold chips from destroyed enemies. However using the SP attack requires some of the shield gauge to be consumed. If the player is hit with the shield gauge at high level, it will recieve damage and go to red. If hit while shield is red, a life will be lost. Shield slowly replinishes automatically, however, shield can also be replinished by collecting blue crystals from the blue crystal carriers. When clearing a stage, depending on the player`s performance, a rank is given.


  • Z key: Shot
  • X key: Change firing direction
  • Shift key: SP attack

WARNING: This game does not accept any USB controllers. To play with controller, the JoyToKey program is required to bind the keys to the controller`s buttons.


Scoring consists of collecting chips.

When clearing a stage, score bonuses are awarded depending how much percent is the hit rate, how high is the Level and how much time was left when a boss is defeated.

When clearing the game, the remaining lives will and chosen difficulty will add up to the final bonus and sum the bonus to the final score.


  • Original: The standard game mode, which is the story of the game. It offers Casual, Battle and Assault difficulties. The player begins with Volt Gear in 3 trials. After clearing the trials, the player`s ship will evolve to the titular fighter ship Blaster Gear to proceed to the 2 phases.
  • Remix: A caravan styled mode, where the player tries to destroy as much within the timer. At the end, the player will face a remixed version of Lockkeep Golem, and attempt to destroy before time runs out.


  • V (Blue Wide Vulcan):

A weapon that rapidly fires a sequence of wide shots. It`s SP attack is a tiltable laser stream.

  • L (Yellow Narrow Laser):

A weapon that fires forward laser shots. It`s essential for pointblanking and speedkilling bosses. It`s SP attack is a beam spear.

  • M (Red Napalm Missiles):

A weapon that fires napalm missiles that fly fast and they explode on impact. This weapon has a quite limited range. It`s SP weapon releases balls that bounce around the screen and releases explosions.

  • W (Green Homing Waves):

A weapon that fires waves that target any enemy. It`s SP weapon is a slow but big wave.


White chip: These chips appear when destroying enemies and canceling bulllets with the SP attack. It increases the Level gauge.
Gold chip: These chips appear when destroying enemies with the SP attack. It increases the Level gauge faster.
Blue crystal: Increases shield gauge.


The Oracle, a radical force has taken over the world and plans to exterminate all life that resides there. The player assumes the role of the pilot controling the Volt Gear to stop the Oracle.


  • The game is almost similar to Change Air Blade because of the reference of firing backwards and the bosses Dual Stormmaster, and Final Defense Core.
  • Dual Stormmaster has a similar appearance to the KAMUI ship.
  • One of the bosses of Trial 3 Ranger Null and ZeroDevil are a spoof of System Erasure`s ZeroRanger.