Armed Police Batrider

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Armed Police Batrider
APBatrider Poster.jpg

Poster for the game

Developer: Raizing
Music: Manabu Namiki
Kenichi Koyano
Hitoshi Sakimoto
Program: Shinobu Yagawa
Art: Kazuyuki Nakashima
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Masayuki Taguchi
Masaharu Tokutake
Yuki Yonei
Release date: 1998

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay overview section starts out with the controls of the game, including all of the buttons used and what they're used for. It's recommended to keep the control layout simple and easy to understand. Feel free to note the directions that the player can move as well, if you wish or if it's notable (horizontal only, 4 way, 8 way, analog, etc). Advanced and strategic ways of manipulating the controls can be included in a following Strategy section, or wherever that information might be the most relevant.


  • A: Shoot
  • A (After charging): Without pressing the button, you charge an "aura", which can kill enemies at close range, after that pressing the button will release a powerful attack.
  • B: Bomb
  • C: Reconfigure your option (only works with the Battle Garegga characters)

Controls In Game

  • Hold Start + Tap B: Shows score calculations. A "?" will appear to the left of the level name. To exit, repeat command.
  • Hold Start + Tap A/C: Changes enemy bullet speed. Tap A to increase or tap C to decrease. The number left of the level displays bullet speeds of 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 (default), 30.
  • Hold Start + Tap UP: For Revision B which does not have a C button.

Bullet Color Commands

Input the command and continue tapping the directional button to loop through color choices during game play. Color Choices in Order: [Yellow loops back to Blue]

  1. Blue (Default)
  2. Green
  3. Purple
  4. Pink
  5. Red
  6. Orange
  7. Yellow
  • Hold Start + Tap Right: Changes the NML (most common shot type such as lasers) color. Continue tapping to choose between 6 colors.
  • Hold Start + Tap Down: Changes the MSL (destructable) color.
  • Hold Start + Tap Left: Changes the BAL (ball shots) color.

Shooting Frequency

To change your autofire rate, tap the A button in the frequency you want to set auto-fire to.

Options when Invincible DIP switch is set

  • Hold Start: During the game, the message "SLOW !?" will appear on screen and thus the game will slow down.
  • Press Start: During the game will pause the game and display "PAUSE !"
  • Press 1P + 2P Start: Will end the game with your current character(s) and show the credits. Skip by Start.

Character Specific Commands

  • Control Tag-T's razorblade bomb: Press B then hold a direction to throw them, then tap B.
  • Control Silver Sword's Napalm: Hold a direction then tap B. The Napalm will fly in the opposite direction that you held.

Garegga Formation Commands (with at least one option)

  • V-formation: Right, Down, Right-Down + A -- 623+A
  • Front-formation: Down, Up, Down + A -- 282+A
  • Back-formation: Up, Down, Up + A -- 828+A
  • Control-formation: Left, Down, Left-Down + A -- 421+A
  • Circle-formation: Left, Left-Down, Down, Down-Right, Right + A -- 41236+A

Unlockable Secrets

The following codes are to be done at the title screen after inserting a coin. There are also dip switch settings to unlock these as well (if playing on emulator).

Code Effect
Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, A B, Start Unlocks the guest characters
Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B A, Start Unlocks single ship team
Up Down, Up Down, Left Right, Left Right, A B, Start Unlocks Boss Rush mode

After unlocking Boss Rush mode, highlight Boss Mode and either tap Left/Right to play a special version of a stage, once on normal then on advanced.

Here are the dip switch settings if you're using MAME (v 0.231 pictured here):

Dip switch settings.png

Characters / Ships / Styles

Selection Options

  • A: Strong Shot, weak option
  • B: Strong Option, weak shot
  • C or A+B: Strong Shot & Option, slower speed
  • Start: Faster Speed, weak option & shot


Police Team
D.D Shorty Jyuji
Psychic Team
Maria Golden Strawman
Criminal Team
Birthday Tag-T Adam
Battle Garegga Team
Silver Sword Grasshopper Flying Baron Wild Snail
10-Silver Sword.png
12-Flying Baron.png
13-Wild Snail.png
Mahou Daisakusen Team
Gain Chitta Miyamoto Bornnam Car-pet


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See (Template Page)/Strategy for stage maps, enemy and boss descriptions, walkthroughs, and advanced play strategies.

This section details some particular strategic information about the game and its gameplay, such as hidden 1UPs and some basic scoring tricks. For anything particularly deep or highly complex, you can probably leave it in the Strategy page.

(Currently evaluating whether or not this specific section should even include information outside of the separated Strategy pages. Worth thinking about as a community.)


Basic story breakdowns, plot information, and endings are included here.

If there is no story at all, or any information about the setting, then this section can be omitted. Try to include at least small things here when you can.

Development History

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Version Differences

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Armed Police Batrider Video Index


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References & Contributors

  1. System11 Forum Thread
  2. Official 8ing page
  3. World of Arcades
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