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*'''∀nother Mode''': The regular mode. The shield starts at 100%.  
*'''∀nother Mode''': The regular mode. The shield starts at 100%.  
*'''∀kashic mode''': The hard mode. In this mode bullets are faster and boss patterns change to become harder. Most enemies fire suicide bullets if killed by a normal shot.  
*'''∀kashic mode''': The hard mode. No continues. In this mode bullets are faster and boss patterns change to become harder. Most enemies fire suicide bullets if killed by a normal shot.  

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Akashicverse Logo.png
∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake-
Akashicverse Title.jpg

Title screen

Developer: Endless Shirafu
Planning: LuCK
Music: Nicolai
Program: hart
Art: Nicolai
Release date: 31 December 2012 [1]
30 November 2020 (Steam)
Next game: ∀kashicforce

∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake-

∀kashicverse is a doujin bullet hell developed by Endless Shirafu initially released in 2012. The latest version of the game released on Steam in 2020. The gameplay revolves around using special attacks (Methods) which the player can use through directional inputs. The story follows Ageha as she fights her fellow ‘Orchids’ and Malicious Wake.

Gameplay Overview

∀kashicverse uses four buttons: shot, shield, method input and a slow movement button. Unique to this game are methods, special attacks that can be used through directional inputs similar to fighting games


  • Z: Fires a normal shot. Uses a Methods (Version 1)
  • X: Toggles Shield to be on or off
  • C: Either allows a method to be inputted (Version 1) or uses a method based on prior inputs (Version 2). If Shift is held and this button pressed then bullet in a small area are slowed. For Version 1 this small area deployed whilst the player is inputting a method.
  • Shift: Slow Movement.


  • 1. Character: Your character. The circle in the middle is the hitbox.
  • 2. Wings: Activated when your shield is turned off. Extends your grazing hitbox to the wings.
  • 3. Enemy bullets: If they hit you while your shield is on, you will lose some of your Shield gauge. Being hit while shield is off will result in a game over.
  • 4. Enemies: They are separated into 2 categories: anonymous class enemies (normal enemies) and Orchid class enemies (bosses).
  • 5.1 Method gauge: Shown as a ring top left of your screen and around your character. The maximum value is 8.
  • 5.2 Shield gauge: Shown in a feather-like shape. Its maximum value is 100% (500% in ∀DVENT mode).
  • 6. Method list: Shows a list of methods, their names, input and required gauge. Methods that cannot be used are shown in red.
  • 7. Score and multiplier: Your score increases by defeating enemies. Your multiplier increases by picking up crystals that enemies drop when they are defeated.
  • 8. Log: Displays an activity record as a list.


  • Dread Scissors (1 Method Gauge) : Unleashes a short-range melee pincer attack right in front of you. Click the method button twice to unleash Dread Scissors Act: 2.
  • Dread Scissors Act:2 (1 Method Gauge): Unleashes a short-range melee pincer attack right in front of you. Has a slightly wider range than Dread Scissors Act:1.
  • Annihilator: Chaser (2 Method Gauge): Fires a homing laser that destroys most enemies. Click the method button twice to use Annihilator: Stinger, and press the method button three times to use Annihilator: Seed.
  • Annihilator: Stinger (1 Method Gauge): Automatically target the nearest enemy in front of the player and then fires missiles towards that position.
  • Annihilator: Seed (2 Method Gauge): Fires several homing bits that stay on the screen for couple of second to damage enemies. At the end several bits will fire lasers.
  • Menace Rejector (2 Method Gauge): Powers up your main shot. Your main shot now slows bullets in front of you and eventually fires them back to the enemy.
  • Banish Blast (3 Method Gauge): Fires a weak bomb. You are invincible throughout the duration of this method.
  • Attractant Other (3 Method Gauge): Creates a decoy. Bullets that are aimed are instead fired to the decoy, and the decoy absorbs the bullet. The decoy fires absorbed bullets back to the enemy. Once its HP reaches 0 or the timer runs out the decoy explodes clearing bullets.
  • Jaunted Driver (4 Method Gauge): Upon using this method are reticule appears. Pressing the method button again teleports you to that location doing massive damage between both locations. The player is invincible for a short time after inputting this method.
  • Danger Prognosis (4 Method Gauge): Creates a giant area around the player that slows all enemy bullets and shows trajectory inside. It can also be used to block out lasers. Once this method ends all bullets inside the circle are fire out into the opposite direction that they were heading. You can end this method prematurely by inputting Banish Blast.
  • Eliminator (7 Method Gauge + 1 Eliminator Stock): Turns the player into a invincible robot (Eliminator) that gains 4 new methods, one for each button. The Eliminator can only be used it is charged up, as shown in a % in the button right. Subsequent Eliminators take longer to charge up. Damage the eliminator takes reduces the time the player can spend in this form.

Shield Mechanic

Shields on and shields off
Full shield, Damaged shield and no shield.

∀kashicverse uses a toggle-able shield instead of lives. When the shield is up the player can take multiple hits without dying. In ∀nother and ∀kashic mode the game ends if the player gets hit when the shield is down. The shield recharges overtime, the recharge is faster when the shield is down. When the shield is down the character gains two ‘wings’. Any bullets the pass through the wings increase the method gauge. The player gains 10x more ‘rate’ when the shield is down. When your shield drops to 50% or 0% (or every 100% in ∀dvent mode) you will temporarily become invincible, clear the screen and gain a set amount of Method gauge (On ∀nother and ∀kashic: 50% = 4 gauge, 100% = 8 gauge), this effect can only be activated when you reach the previous threshold (EX: On ∀nother and ∀kashic you can only get 50% autobomb if you've charged to 100% shield before). At 0% the shield breaks and the player need to wait for the shield to recharge to 50% for the shield to be deployed again.


∀kashicverse has three different difficulties: ∀dvent, ∀nother, ∀kashic. ∀sterism is an additional toggle for all these modes which changes boss behaviour. ∀sterism gets removed if a continue is used.

  • ∀dvent: The easiest of the three difficulties. You unlock this mode after the first continue/ game over (UNCONFIRMED). Enemies fire the same pattern as in Another Mode, the main difference between Advent and Another Mode is the strength of the shield.

In Advent the shield starts at 500%. The shield gauge recovery rate is faster in this mode and you gain more energy if bullets graze your wings. If the player gets hit whilst the Shield is not deployed and the player is at 150% or more shield gauge then 250% of the shield gauge gets consumed and the game continues.

  • ∀nother Mode: The regular mode. The shield starts at 100%.
  • ∀kashic mode: The hard mode. No continues. In this mode bullets are faster and boss patterns change to become harder. Most enemies fire suicide bullets if killed by a normal shot.


Scoring in ∀kashicverse focuses on getting a high rate and then killing high value enemies with the right scoring method. The formular is enemy value x rate x method multiplier. Below the you can find the method multiplier for each method. Dread Scissors: 4x to 6x. Around the blade, 4X. Centre of the blade, 6x

  • Annihilator Chaser: 2x
  • Annihilator Stinger: 3x
  • Banish Blast: 2x
  • Attractant Other: 2x if killed by decoy's bullets, 3x if killed by the decoys bullets fired from the back of the decoy. 4x if killed by decoy explosion
  • Jaunted Driver: Between 4x to 20x, determined by distance between character's current position and reticle. Placing the reticle directly over your hitbox creates something very close to a 20x multiplier.
  • Danger Prognosis: Between 3x to 16x. 3x if you time-out the field, 16x if you cancel it immediately after casting. Number of reflected bullets also affects this score. Enemies killed with the field have a multiplier of 4x.

Eliminator Methods

  • Blitz Lancer: 10x
  • Instant Punishment: 12x
  • Velvet Mutilation: 14x
  • Fatal Disaster: 20x


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  • ∀kashicverse features references to many different shmups. For example: Cho Ren Sha, Darius, Hellsinker, Dodonpachi and Space Invaders!


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References & Contributors

  1. Scoring rate verified by both Saint Mauve (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyYPviD8qts) and いくえ (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2377453487)
  2. Written by GalactaRay [[User:(GalactaRay)|(GalactaRay)]]
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  • http://endless-shirafu.com/about